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Art by Nature is a collaboration of two artists. Together they create decorative wall art that uses thin slices of tree branches and other natural products attached to a cork background. The variations in the grain of the wood slices combined with the other ingredients create a myriad of interesting patterns. It is also known as “tree cookie art.”

To expand their marketing efforts, the artists wanted to take their product online.

Creating a mood board is a critical part of the ideation involved in creating an effective web design. Even though you might be tempted, don’t skip this opportunity to get your creative juices flowing. And honestly, it’s a lot of fun.

Communication style and personality help craft the overall experience your users will encounter throughout your website, and mood boards are the vehicle your organization can use to define those characteristics.

(Sharp, 2013)

Relaxed. That’s the mood I want people to feel when they visit Art by Nature’s online presence. Relaxed, peaceful, and eco-friendly.

Take a look at the board I designed and see if you experience any of these “moods.”

I also included a couple of romantic photos based on an interesting story.

Our artists both worked as volunteers curating wall art at a local restaurant and brewery. At the brewery, a couple on their first date sat underneath one of the tree cookie art pieces. They later celebrated their anniversary by purchasing that same piece.

The textures, grains and colors used in Art by Nature’s tree cookie collages draw you in, creating a naturally restful state of mind. Like the Eagles said, it’s “a peaceful, easy feeling.”

(Eagles – Peaceful Easy Feeling lyrics |, n.d.)

To read the next step in Art by Nature’s website design process, you can check out my blog Building a Site Map.

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Header image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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