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Art by Nature is a collaboration of two artists. Together they create decorative wall art that uses thin slices of tree branches and other natural products attached to a cork background. The variations in the grain of the wood slices combined with the other ingredients create a myriad of interesting patterns. It is also known as “tree cookie art.”

To expand their marketing efforts, the artists wanted to take their product online.

A sitemap is simply a flowchart that lists the pages contained in a website. Anyone who knows me well knows I love flowcharts, so building one for Art by Nature was right up my alley.

Like laying a foundation for a house, a sitemap gives your team a base to build on. It lets the team decide how best to organize the sections and individual pages of the website. 

(Mrozek, 2019)

It’s All About the Navigation

A recent article by Andy Crestodina suggests limiting the number of links in your main navigation.

Short-term memory holds only seven items, plus or minus two.

… the more items in your navigation, the more difficult the information is to remember and process for your visitors. Visually, eight is a LOT more than seven. If you have too many, visitors’ eyes may scan past important items.

(Crestodina, 2016)

In determining the structure, I wanted to keep the navigation shallow but still allow visitors to recognize the types of places the art would be appreciated and perhaps beneficial.

After a bit of trial and error, I ended up with seven links in the main navigation, detailed below.

  • The first three are pages that describe places where the art could be purchased for (Corporate, Spa, and Home Decor).
  • The Custom link goes to a page detailing the process for ordering custom art.
  • The fifth link, Our Story, gives the backstory to the artists and their collaborative work.
  • Current Inventory is a main navigation link, but is also included as a link from the first five navigation pages.
  • And finally, an email sign up area so visitors can receive alerts.

And so, without further ado, here it is:

To read the next step in Art by Nature’s website design process, you can check out my blog Develop the Framework.

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