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Just to get this out of the way, you should know that I think every cat is beautiful. As wonderful as that sounds, it makes me extremely vulnerable to adopting cats in need. Because I believe that all cats are beautiful, inside and out, I have made the choice to share my home with them.

At one point in time I had eight cats. I know … it’s crazy. I don’t think I am your typical crazy cat lady, and it’s definitely something I don’t recommend and wouldn’t repeat. But in retrospect I’m not sorry that I chose to take in each and every one of these wonderful animals.

Until this weekend I had five cats … that is, until one of my beloved rescues passed away. She was an extraordinary cat in so many ways, and I have shed a boatload of tears for her. Anyone who has had the distinct privilege to meet her will confirm that she had the most expressive face of any cat I have ever had, and a personality to match.

This is Meg, who passed away in my arms around 6 a.m. on Saturday, September 7th. As is the case for each and every sweetheart that has graced my home, my heart is broken.

And so, my message is this. If you can, please support the organizations that choose life over death for these extraordinary creatures.

Forgotten Cats is an organization that is near and dear to my heart. This slide show focuses on their social media presence, and includes suggestions to help increase their support among donors, volunteers, and those wishing to adopt. Please support them as you feel you can.

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