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A well designed website must be both easy to use and easy to read, otherwise you’re wasting your time. My goal for untilnxttime.com is to have both.

At the time I originally created the site, I chose a basic WordPress theme called Baskerville. I was concentrating on honing my writing skills, so choice of layout didn’t involve a tremendous amount of thought. It was good, but it didn’t take too long before I decided I wanted something a little different. And so, for the second go around I chose the theme Rowling.

A New Theme

It was a good decision because Rowling offered a better layout. Here’s a snapshot of my “second generation” site.

untilnxttime.com (second generation)

Based on my belief that no one outside of my masters program would read my blog, I decided to use course name abbreviations across the top of the page.

Home | Contact | ICM 501 | ICM 502 | ICM 506 | ICM 506 | BIO

It wasn’t a very good decision. Actually, it wasn’t good at all. Needless to say these menu names didn’t offer my visitors any real information as to my blog posts’ content.

The site also lacked a logo. I had created one (read Branding A Storyteller for the details) but hadn’t incorporated it into the site.

It was time for a refresh.

A New Theme

After some searching I found a new theme named Hammer. It’s so ridiculously minimalistic. I love it.

Structural Updates

I uploaded my new logo and … well … I really liked how things were coming along. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that Hammer’s default link and menu hover color was red.

Although I like red I wasn’t fond of this particular shade, so I decided to change it to the same brown I used for my logo.

Here’s the CSS code I used to accomplish the change.

/* change hyperlinks color 13616758-hc */
.site-navigation .menu>li>a:hover, .site-navigation .menu>li>a:focus, a:hover, .entry-content a {
color: #c59c6c;

Here’s the result.

The default background color for the Hammer theme is black, but I wanted to change it to the Fallow color I used for the hover color. I also wanted to use a different typeface for the blog headings. I had used Abril Fatface for my original site, so why not give it a try?

Here’s the final result. New logo, meaningful menu, coordinating colors and super clean design.

I almost forgot the most important part. My original design included my tag line “fueled by grace.” Somehow it got left out on the second generation site, but now it’s back. Similar to the quote “There but for the grace of God go I” attributed to John Bradford, I am fueled by grace.

And I do hope you will grant me grace as I continue to share my stories with you.

until nxt time …


Foster, H. (2019, June 23). Branding a storyteller. Retrieved from:  https://untilnxttime.com/2019/06/23/branding-a-storyteller/

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