My foray into the HTML world began with a course I took at my local community college in the ’90s. At that time HTML was all hand coded, so being a coder meant you did it all from scratch — which was fine as long as you weren’t producing any large scale sites.

Then Macromedia Dreamweaver came along and made our lives easier. Just as its name promised, it made designing and managing a website a dream. Not much need for hand coding anymore, right? I won’t go so far as to tell you it’s absolutely necessary to know HTML, but my ability to code has always been an asset.

As a creative, the ability to design AND code makes you unique. It also gives you the ability to get things done quickly when you need to make adjustments.

So yes, I am a geek. I love to dig around in the source code. The marriage of tags and visual layout has always been and will always be fascinating to me.

For the last seven weeks I’ve been fortunate enough to blow the dust off my old web skills and see what’s new in the web world. While there have been new versions of HTML, there’s a lot that’s still the same — and I still love it. If you’d like to read all my WEB DESIGN blogs, use the top navigation bar to filter my web posts.

Or you can read on for the highlights.

I started by giving untilnxttime.com a facelift. Thanks to a new theme and better navigation, it’s a lot friendlier now. Details contained in my EASY TO USE, EASY TO READ blog.

I also had a lot of fun working on the design of artbynature.biz. You can read my post THE DESIGN PROCESS to get behind the scenes access before it goes live.

Having honed my graphic design software skills recently, I was interested in learning more about image optimization. When you optimize an image, you strive to find the right balance between file size and quality. Photoshop makes it very easy with their Save for Web function. Read more about it in the post OPTIMIZE.

I’m also fascinated by the beauty of semantic HTML, which takes HTML to a whole new level by fostering meaning rather than just focusing on presentation. Check out BECOMING MORE ACCESSIBLE WITH SEMANTIC HTML if you want to learn more about the benefits.

Going forward I’ve got a new look, better image optimization, and a new appreciation for all things web.

So like a fine wine, I believe that HTML has gotten better with age. It’s still simple enough for anyone to learn, but even more powerful with the introduction of semantic HTML. Semantic tags convey the meaning of a page and define what its content is, which helps with search engine optimization.

Bottom line, it’s great to be able to peek behind the curtain of web pages. Going forward you can be sure I’ll still be digging around in the code.

To me, HTML is a still a really cool sandbox. If you’d like to join me, don’t forget your bucket. I’ll be the one with pigtails and a pink truck.

until nxt time …


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Header image by Marjon Besteman-Horn from Pixabay

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