DEAR DATA #1 – Holly Foster Media



With the pandemic settling in at the four month mark, I thought it would be an interesting time to see if walking produced mental health benefits, as suggested in some recent research. Six days may not be enough data to formulate an opinion, but overall I found that I did indeed feel better physically and overall better mentally as a result.

“The evidence base that suggests walking benefits mental health is growing, but remains fragmented and incomplete for some important outcomes. Policy and national guidelines should promote the known mental health benefits of increased walking and future research should directly address the gaps we have identified” (Kelly et al., 2019).

Kelly, P., Williamson, C., Hunter, R., Niven, A. G., Mutrie, N., & Richards, J. (2019). [Infographic]. Walking on sunshine: Scoping review of the evidence for walking and mental health. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 53(14), 903.