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“So I put the dress on … and I stood there and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ … the Say Yes to the Dress moment … it’s a real thing! I thought it was made up!”

– Cherrese, Vegas and the Bride

Many people believe that their wedding day is one of the most important days of their life. Not surprisingly, they feel it’s important to choose a special outfit to wear for the occasion.

Having been through that experience myself, as well as going through it again very recently with my daughter, I found myself reflecting on what I had learned about myself as a result of going through the process. And so the Choosing Your Reflection podcast was born.

Through conversations with a diverse group of brides and grooms, we aim to unravel the unique significance of the perfect wedding day outfit, and its meaning to our subjects’ pasts, presents, and futures.

To assist with my research I created a Wedding Outfit Survey and collected a significant amount of data on how people feel about wedding outfits. I received a total of 165 responses to key questions such as:

  • Do you believe there is a “perfect” wedding outfit for every bride or groom? 
  • How often do you believe a bride or groom finds their “perfect” wedding outfit? 
  • How important was it for you to find your “perfect” outfit?  
  • In the end, did you feel you found your own “perfect” or “dream” wedding outfit? 

Armed with these responses, or reflections as I like to call them, let’s explore the notion of the perfect wedding outfit through the lens of six of our guests.


As I was going through the process with my daughter, I was skeptical. As it turns out I was in the minority based on the survey results.

Over two thirds of our respondents (67%) said there is a perfect outfit for every bride or groom.

And as a matter of fact our very first interviewee, Maureen, found it twice! Her first engagement didn’t work out so she sold the first dress, but five years later she acquired her second perfect dress.

“[At the wedding] My best friend actually said ‘That was the perfect dress.’ I didn’t expect that. I didn’t want to take it off! And I love going to weddings. I love seeing different dresses. It’s beautiful, probably because they feel beautiful inside and out.”

– Maureen, Superstition episode

Here’s a snapshot of Maureen’s responses to a few of the Wedding Outfit Survey questions. As you can see from her answer, she’s a believer!


Sixty-eight percent said it happens often.

Our guest Rebecca agrees. She describes how adding unique accessories helped to create her perfect dress.

“But standing there in that dress, all the pieces adding up, … yeah, I do think there was emotional ‘This is it.’ These elements together are what achieve this feeling. I feel beautiful, I feel elegant, but I feel like myself. I feel like I’m not just a pretty person wearing a pretty dress for a pretty event, but I’m my own kind of elegant. I’m my own kind of beautiful.”

– Rebecca, Four Things episode


An overwhelming amount of respondents indicated that finding the perfect outfit holds some level of importance to them — 96% to be exact.

Cooper fell into the important category.

“I’ve always wanted a … royal blue suit. But that’s not really a suit that you can wear on the daily. … It’s not an obvious wedding choice. It’s not like something that you would wear to the office. I saw it I think first in an episode of Ugly Betty. And I realized … it looks so good on him. And I kind of wanted feel to the same way.”

– Cooper, Royal Blue Celebration episode


Seventy-five percent said YES, either they found it or it found them. Either way it’s a significant number.

Despite being on a fixed budget Ashley recalls how her perfect dress came to her in only one visit to the bridal salon, without any effort on her part. It was meant to be and it was perfect.

“And every time I went back to try it on it felt closer and closer to my wedding and it’s just like ‘This is me. I made the perfect choice’ … or the dress made the perfect choice. I don’t know how you want to look at it, but it just felt perfect.”

– Ashley, Meant To Be Yours episode

“As the alterations were happening you could see the lace starting to actually now form to my body because it wasn’t just a dress off the hanger; it was my dress.”

– Ashley, Meant To Be Yours episode


We have two unbelievers: Kevin (Keep it Light) and Lindsey (Rebel Bride). In spite of his disbelief, Kevin said he did indeed find his perfect outfit.

“I felt good in the suit. The shirt felt good. It all kind of worked out well. It’s like that look good, feel good sort of mentality, you know?”

– Kevin, Keep it Light episode

And how about our Rebel Bride?

Lindsey may not have found the perfect outfit, but she learned about the power of clothing and how it reflects who we are in many different ways.

“And I realized after that day that I can wear something that doesn’t exactly match what I think that I am, because it’s not really one thing.”

– Lindsey, Rebel Bride episode

“ … the clothes we wear have power not only over others, but also over ourselves” (Adam & Galinsky, 2012).


Here’s a recap of the overall stats from the survey.

Are you a bride- or groom-to-be? According to the data you are likely to find your perfect outfit, even though it may seem elusive.

Been there, done that? Maybe you’d like to be a guest on our podcast.

Choosing Your Reflection is a podcast series on the sociology, psychology, and story behind choosing a wedding outfit.

Just like a good story? Check us out.

Through our informal conversations with people just like you we aim to unravel the mystique that exists around choosing that special outfit.

And just remember, it doesn’t hurt to believe.

until nxt time …


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